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QR X400 Quad - FPV Option Available!  


25% OFF SALE on select X400 models

RTF Factory Built FPV Real-time Camera w/ F7 TX Available!

Please Note - 25% off sale applies only to the quad portion of the offer.  The FPV kit is not discounted.  Quantities are limited!

Our Prices INCLUDE LiPo Battery and Charger.  COMPARE! Thinking of purchasing from overseas? Who will you call for help when you have problems?

With the Walkera QR-X400 it is all about the looks.  Well, performance too, of course.  OK, let's add an extra dose of ruggedness, too.  The QR X400 merges the performance characteristics of the MX400S with a whole new sleek and modern look while increasing durability and decreasing the likelihood of breaking parts when we fly into stuff.  (Come on, admit it.  We all fly into stuff:  walls, ceilings, trees, dogs, wives, etc.) Take a look at the beefy landing skids on this baby.  Mr. Harley (my 90lb Golden Retriever) can actually sit (gently) on this one without smashing it.

Want to take aerial photographs and videos?  No problem.  The QR X400 can tackle that assignment just fine.  It may not have quite the stability of some of the latest quads, but then again, there is nothing like a FPV filming a flip or a barrel roll.

Note:  Comes completely packaged in custom Aluminum Case.

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  • Four brush-less motors ensures consistent and stable flight through a variety of maneuvers and 3D acrobatics.
  • Modular design facilitates convenient low-cost maintenance.
  • The integration of a 6-axis gyro with flight status control technology ensures precise control-ability.
  • Ten to 11 minute flight time possible using the supplied 2200mAH LiPo battery.
  • Bonus:  Battery and charger included with ALL models.
  • Receiver firmware upgrades available from the Walkera web site using the optional UP02 Upgrade Tools.
  • Optional telemetry modules are easily installed and allow real-time monitoring of battery voltage, temperature, motor speed, and 3D GPS coordinates.
  • Optional flashing light kit for night flying really shows off the craft.
  • BONUS!  Battery and charger included with OUR BNF model
  • BONUS!   Aluminum paneled carry case for quad and TX.  Sweet! (NO TX included with BNF but there is room inside for your own)


  • Main Rotor Diameter:  254mm
  • Overall Length:  270mm
  • Overall Width:  270mm
  • Battery: 11.1V 2200mAH LiPo 25C (Battery & Charger included with ALL models INCLUDING BNF)
  • Brushless motor: WK-WS-28-009 x 4
  • Brushless Speed Controller (ESC):  WK-WST-30A4
  • Gyro: 6-Axis
  • Receiver:  RX2642-H-D
  • Weight:  786g including battery
  • Transmitter:  Any DEVO compatible (6, 7, 7E. 8, 8S, 10, 12S)                                                                             


FPV kit includes TX5803 video TX, DV04 camera, servo-driven camera mount and all mounting hardware.



Enough chit-chat.  Make a decision and let's go flying!

One last note:  If you have seen this item elsewhere at a lower price make sure they 1) are a factory authorized Walkera dealer [most are not] and 2) include a genuine Walkera LiPo and charger, not some cheap knock-offs sourced elsewhere.  Walkera Helicopter Supply provides only official Walkera parts in our packages.