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Perfect for Inexperienced Pilots!

We have been asked many times if we carry an inexpensive line of helicopters for newcomers to our sport. WALKERA HELICOPTER SUPPLY Corp. has scoured the markets for a great, durable, inexpensive line of helis and are pleased to announce an addition to our product lineup. SYMA helicopters are the perfect product to help you develop your skills before you move on to more nimble single rotor flybarless craft. They are inexpensive to purchase and repair. Best of all, if you do have a catastrophic crash, you can simply toss it and purchase a new one.

If you want to be ready for the future, go with one of the Walkera products. They all use full-size, heavy duty, DEVO transmitters meaning that as your collection grows you will not have to purchase an additional transmitter. This is a big deal. Take it from someone who has a whole pile of un-needed transmitters!