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Our company was started because many of you, like us, were frustrated with the wait time and high expense of specialized hovercraft parts. When we started flying RC helicopters our learning curve was quite steep. With many crashes under our belts, we realized a need for extra parts. Enjoying the operation of our remote control copters, we were always anxiously awaiting the arrival of spare and replacement parts so as not to delay our fly time.  While being a small company, we  look forward to expanding our business to provide you with the newest release Walkera RC Helicopters. By keeping an inventory of specialized parts for all helicopters we carry, we can deliver your orders with efficiency.  We are based in the state of Washington, USA.

As a small and growing business, we look to our customers for feedback as to how we are meeting your needs and suggestions as to how we might improve our service.  Never hesitate to contact us to give us feedback or make a special request.  Also, please note that while we make all reasonable efforts to ensure accuracy of our product descriptions and prices, we reserve the right to make changes to these as required.

Several people have asked where we are located.  We are about an hour north of Seattle on beautiful San Juan Island.  Our close proximity to Seattle, a main port of entry for overseas goods, ensures we obtain our shipments in the shortest time possible.