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 Frequently Asked Questions


1)  Where are you located?  We are located on beautiful San Juan Island just about an hour north of Seattle, WA.  Access is by air or Washington State Ferries.  Our major town is Friday Harbor with a full-time population of bout 1200 people swelling to over 10,000 during the summer tourist season.

2)  What is your shipping turn-around time?
  Since we sell only products which we have in stock (You cannot place an out of stock part in your cart except by special request) we will have your order packaged and shipped within two business days.  If your order is in by 12:00 noon Pacific time we can generally get it shipped via USPS the same day.  Other shipping companies (i.e. UPS and FedEx) will usually require the full two-business-day time period due to their pick-up schedules at our location.  

We strive to keep all parts in stock and to date maintain about a 98% success rate.  Out of stock items will generally be back in stock within a month at most depending on where we are in our order cycle.  You may sign up for an automatic notification if you would like to be informed when the item comes in.

3)  How can I check the status of my order?
  All orders are confirmed in an email to you along with a tracking number.  Please note that tracking on an item shipped Parcel Post is not as detailed as for items shipped Priority Mail.  There is also a page where you may check order status of your purchase within the store.

4)  How about insurance on my item(s)?  Due to recent problems with damage during transit (not due to our packaging which is very secure) all purchases over $150.00 are automatically insured against loss or damage during transit.  If a package should arrive damaged, please REFUSE to accept the package.

5)  Do you ship UPS or FedEx?  Yes, although the costs are higher than USPS due to our location.

6)  Why must defective items be returned to the Walkera Service Center and not to you?  After all, you sold it to me:  That has been a difficult one for us to deal with.  As a dealer we would like to ensure that each and every product is 100% reliable as shipped from the factory.  Due to the nature of this hobby, however, Walkera has decided that they would like to perform all servicing themselves to better monitor and control any quality issues that may arise. is not compensated for any parts or service we may provide.  See the Repair and Return Policy for specific information.  We require all customers to agree to this policy before they check out.  This policy is the same for all dealers who sell Walkera products even though they do not normally disclose it to you.  We want our customers to fully understand up-front.  Now, that is the "official" policy.  The fact of the matter is that we will generally go out of our way to help out any of our customers with an issue.

7)  I bought my product from another dealer before I knew about you.  Can you help me?  Well, yes and no.  While we will do our best to help talk you through your problem, since we didn't sell you the product and it did not go through our rigorus pre-ship tests, we cannot take the product back nor supply free parts to help solve your issue.  Your best bet is to work through your problem with the dealer who sold it to you.  (A mighty painful and expensive proposition if you bought it from China.)

8)  Why did you start the business?  Quite frankly, I fell in love with Walkera products, especially the newer, more sophisticated ones, and well.... I'll just say it.... support in the US sucks.  I constantly found parts I needed out of stock and it seemed like months before domestic dealers got them in.  Even then, by the time those parts came in they were out of something else I needed.  Plus, have you looked at the the BBB ratings of other companies that sell Walkera products?  I cannot tell you the number of comments I get from people who found us because they were so dissatisfied with the service they got elsewhere.  Sure you can get the parts cheaply direct from China.  That is, until you add shipping and wait weeks for them to arrive.  We founded our company to correct those problems and customers like it.  Over half of our customers are repeat customers.