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DEVO 10 - Our most popular general purpose Transmitter  


The DEVO 10 radio comes with a high resolution LCD to display graphs like the WK2801-PRO. The backlit LCD screen is clearly visible under sunlight. The new generation features that replaces the traditional 2.4gHz radio are as follows:

  • Telemetry, which displays voltage, temperature, RPM and GPS info from aircraft
  • 7 point high resolution curve adjustments instead of the traditional 5 point
  • Easy to read extra-large text
  • Vibration and/or buzz alarm set to trigger alerts when user defined time, voltage or temperature exceeds allowable parameters.
  • 10 channels, including 2 channels with smooth servo travel control dials
  • Upgradable firmware online
  • 30 model memory

For telemetry to function, the optional telemetry module below is required for DEVO compatible Walkera helicopters which are not equipped with this function. Walkera Mini CP and Ladybird already come with telemetry, therefore it is not required. Telemetry module together with DEVO RX801, RX802 or RX1002 receiver, can also be installed on any brand of helicopter/airplane to work with DEVO 6s, 8s, 10 and 12s transmitters. You can upgrade all your helicopters to telemetry including T-Rex 250, 450, 600, Walkera 1#A, Hiko, E-Flite Blades and helicopters larger than 180 sizes which can carry this module.


  1. Encoder: ARM micro computer system
  2. Frequency: 2.4Ghz(DSSS)
  3. Output power:-5dBm~20dBm, long range 100mW power
  4. Battery: 1.2VX4 NiCad or1.5V X 8 AA dry batteries


  1. Easy to see under sunlight backlit LCD screen
  2. Telemetry with voltage, temperature, rpm and GPS data display
  3. Vibration and/or buzz alarm which can be set to trigger on defined voltage, temperature and time
  4. 2 Model Types: Helicopter and Airplane. Improved programming with more mixes and better interface.
  5. 7-point throttle curve provides more resolution than the traditional 5-point curve.
  6. 30 model memory.
  7. Online update function: Enjoying updating the latest program and copy model setup data with ease.
  8. User friendly menu access with throttle curve graph

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