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Hoten-X & Hoten-X FPV Quads - Choose Brushed or Brushless!  


iPad/iPhone Controlled Hoten-X Version!


Already have an older Hoten-X? No worries. We have the WiFi unit with built in camera in stock for a custom install or, for a more finished look, go for the new DV05 WiFi controller/camera.

In Stock Now! - Hoten-X Brushed & Brushless FPV RTF!

Oh Yeah, Baby! You want 'em, we got 'em. WalkeraHelicopterSupply is again one of the first in North America to have this remarkable brushed RTF system complete with F7 Transmitter and FULL FPV camera, transmitter and recording system pre-installed.

If you prefer a brushless system we have kits so you can build your own FPV system. Either way these things are incredibly fun!

For F7 kit to install a FPV on a brushed Hoten-X click >HERE<.

Video review by tonytypes

Suitable for all skill levels, this quad makes aerial photography simple for all. Check this out:

  • Utilizes the latest 6-axis control system. It facilitates stable flight and perfect control.
  • Suitable for Aerial Photography.
  • Brushless motor system provides substantial power through 3D rolls. (FPV Brushed motors)
  • Large-capacity battery provides long flight time: Recommended battery 7.4V,1000 mAH
  • Receiver firmware can be upgraded online.
  • Modular design, facilitates simple installation and maintenance.
  • Telemetry monitors voltage and provides a smart alarm.
  • Switchable flight modes.
  • Perfect for beginners, intermediate pilots, and professional fliers.
  • FULLY DEVO Compatible.


  • Main Rotor Diameter:186mm
  • Transmitter:DEVO Compatible - Telemetry support preferred.
  • Gyro:6 Axis Gyro
  • Overall Length:266mm
  • Brushless Motor:WK-WS-26-004 regular version. Brushed motors FPV factory version
  • Fuselage width:266mm
  • Receiver:RX2635H-D
  • Battery:7.4V 1000mAh Li-Po (INCLUDED with BNF Version too - competitors don't!)
  • Walkera Standard Charger included (INCLUDED with BNF Version too - competitors don't!)
  • ESC: WK-WST-16A4


  • Product type: 200-size quadcopter
  • Recommend environment: Outdoor
  • Experience Level: Intermediate
  • Latest 6-Axis Gyro Control system provides superior flight stability.
  • Brushless motor system enables powerful flight and fantastic flips and rolls. FPV version supplied with brushed motors.
  • The receiver firmware may be updated online (requires UP02 upgrade cable and adapter).
  • Telemetry function(online firmware update and telemetry-capable transmitter required)
  • Modular design, facilitates simple installation and maintenance.

NOTE: Battery and Charger IS INCLUDED included with OUR BNF Version.


Click to download information for setting up the Hoten-X with the F7 FPV video system.
Click to download firmware update code with instructions. This enables the Hoten X's WiFi and FPV functions.
Click To View Detailed Information And Instructions.

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